Friday, October 19, 2012

And Just Like That

It was still sunny and warm when we left. Garden in full-swing, no end in sight. And just like that, over the course of one week away from home, Autumn has set in.
Saturated color like bursting fireworks against the green of our native conifers. A bit of a shock to our still-in-Summer-mode heads, but oh, so lovely.


gracie said...

Beautiful memories I have of Autumn leaves...thank you for sharing.

Bridge said...

Beautiful fall colors, your pics made me smile on this rainy dreary day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, stunning pictures of my favorite time of year. Thanks to 40-50 mph winds the last two days, most of our colorful leaves are already history. Today was 60 degrees but with the wind and no sun, I sat outside at a riding clinic and froze. Thanks for sharing your scenery with us.