Monday, October 15, 2012


Last Sunday morning, at o'dark thirty, the Twist four left their cozy home and embarked on a much-anticipated adventure. Having never set foot on an airplane before, and soon to be visiting a place fabulous beyond their wildest dreams, the youngest kept their eyes fixed on the scene outside their window.

Goodbye home! Goodbye Mt. Hood! Goodbye Columbia River! Goodbye Oregon!
Well, hello there, Crater Lake, nice to see you! Sorry we can't stay to visit.
With a focus quite keen, they travelled across many, many miles. Via airplane, shuttle bus, and finally on foot. The goal was nearing more quickly than they could believe.
At last! Lunch at Flo's Cafe. THE Flo's Cafe. In THE Radiator Springs.
Surrounded by celebrities of all shape and size, it was all they could do to contain their joy.
Not wanting the day to end, but weary beyond their endurance, the family of four made their way to the exit and sweet sleep. So ended day one of their long adventure.

I could tell tales of the places they saw and the food that they ate, the cameraderie shared with each other as they explored this magical world together. But sometimes mere words are just not enough to capture an experience this sublime.And so, without further ado, allow yourself to travel the paths and byways, smell the air, hear the sounds unique to this one place on earth.
Thus ended day two, with just one more to contain the remainder of the magic allotted this family. Footsore, but with hearts full, and excitement undimmed, they carried on with their adventure.
Carousel, Railroad, Monorail, Ferris Wheel, Jungle Cruise, Spaceship, Racecar, Tractor Trailer, Seashell, Submarine, Elephant, Log, Rocket, Roller Coaster... nothing was too big or too small to escape their touch.

614 pictures later, with prize Lightsabers in hand, and feet that complained a bit too loudly about the length of their trek, the family of four headed back for one last night in their hotel room.

Chapter two of their adventure was about to unfold.

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