Tuesday, October 16, 2012


With many miles yet to go, the Adventurous Foursome departed the Happiest Place on Earth, bound for a Southern high desert retirement community.
Retirement community, you ask? Yes, indeed. To visit dear family members who love to dwell in sunshine with easy access to golfing, shopping and good salsa.
A few isolated rainstorms made the Oregonians feel right at home in the normally dry climate.
The restfulness and relaxation of the retirement life was good medicine for their tired feet. The sometimes colorful and entirely foreign landscape kept their eyes entertained.
Not that they needed much to keep themselves entertained.
The family trekked here and there, and saw vistas unlike any that could be found near their forest home. Dry, tenacious plant life, and tough, hardy creatures filled the landscape; easy to see once their eyes adjusted to the new terrain.
Even the architecture and art surrounding their new adventure were fascinating to behold.
But at the end of their exploration, the best and brightest spots were back in the home of their family. Splashing in a salty pool, cuddling on a patio chair, laughing, laughing. laughing.
After three days of unwinding in the realm of pink mountains, it was time for the pause to end.
With many squeezes and well-wishes, the homesick Foursome bid Adieu and Au Revoir to the warm air, spiny plants, elusive javelina, and two dear hearts.
Having tapped out the store of ready entertainment, as they transferred from airport to airplane to airport to airplane to airport, they relied on each other, with a little dose of Angry Birds and blog-reading to dampen the sadness of leaving such a grand adventure behind.
Nearing home at last, the sun set over their native soil, a sight to sooth and delight, a final moment to bookmark the memories they gathered.


gracie said...

Wish I knew you were visiting in my neck of the woods...would have loved to say hello in person....glad you enjoyed the visit to Arizona.

Penny said...

What a grand adventure you all had!! I'm sure you are so happy to be back home, with all those wonderful memories to recall in the years to come!!

Marie said...

Grandma and I enjoyed seeing your pictures! Thanks for posting them.