Wednesday, October 03, 2012

One Last

I certainly hope it isn't so, but I'm afraid its quite possible that we have enjoyed our last evening down at the firepit.
One last time staring into the flames as our faces warm and backs chill in the cooling night.
One last opportunity to practice patience, holding our marshmallows at that perfect distance from the heat, willing them to toast and warm through without turning into a flaming torch.
One last oozing bite of dark, melted chocolate, invisible to our eyes in the dark, yet bursting with light on our tongues.
One last time sitting under towering trees and twinkling stars, surrounded by the sounds of rustling leaves, singing crickets, crackling fire.
Until next year, Firepit, we bid you a fond farewell.


LoriU said...

Oh I know the feeling....I think we had our last firepit this past weekend...:-(

Penny said...

Pretty pics of summer's last hurrah....

Ashley said...

Lovely pics! We just got together with family and had one last hurrah,fishin in the dark with a bonfire and s'mores as well! LOVE this time of year!