Saturday, May 06, 2017

Feed the Squirrels

For years, we only saw Western Gray Squirrels when we visited friend in town. You know the ones... bushy tails, running along telephone lines, invading bird feeders. We had plenty of Douglas Squirrels, a small and very shy species that you are more likely to hear than see.

A few years after we started to feed the birds on a consistent basis, we spotted a Gray Squirrel one magical Saturday, sunning itself on our back porch. We were excited! But then it moved on and we didn't see it again.

So, last Spring, when we started to see one raiding our bird feeder on a somewhat consistent basis, we were actually pretty happy. But that one soon turned to two, and then by this Spring, yet another joined the family, and it was becoming difficult to keep the bird feeder full.

At which point we decided to get ourselves an exclusive feeder just for our furry little friends (this one). It didn't take long for them to find it, and now they are becoming ever more brave. The kids are hopeful that soon maybe they'll be able to hand feed them. We'll have to see about that one.  :D

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