Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Music Lessons

For three years now, my kiddos have stuck with their lessons; he's learning guitar, she's learning piano. Sometimes they hate practicing, but for the most part, they keep working at it without too much complaining on his part, and with mostly joy and delight on her part.

I think that we're pretty lucky and definitely very blessed to have found sisters that teach at the same location, and we can schedule the guitar and piano lessons to fit in the same 30 minute time slot. Not only is the location and time convenient, but these ladies make learning music fun. They are so encouraging and positive; the complete opposite from the piano teachers of my childhood who did nothing but critique and point out all of the things that I did wrong. I couldn't be happier to have found them.

The end of the year recital only features the piano players, so Mr. Guitar Man got off easy without needing to perform in front of strangers (which he's deathly afraid of). This being the third recital for our pianist, she was still very nervous, but handled it like a seasoned pro.

She has advanced to the second column of players listed in the evening's program, and it was a relief after all of the fumbled songs before her (the evening starts with the newest players and progresses to the 10th level graduates) when she went up and absolutely killed it. She says that she messed up on the foot pedal at one point in the song, but none of us could tell. I couldn't be prouder of my girl.

Our guitarist has mostly been learning strum patterns and chord finger positioning to enable him to play just about any song he wants, but with the focus being on worship-style songs suited for a church service. The thing that happened this year that made the kids the most excited was when our pianist advanced enough in her abilities to start learning the same on piano. They now have a total of 2 songs that they are able to play together, which is delightful to watch. Maybe some day they'll gain enough confidence to join me on stage on Sunday mornings at church.

Yes, he really IS that tall. Or she's really short... or both. :D

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