Monday, May 08, 2017

In the Spring

The first fresh and tender flowers start to show their faces in the middle of Spring. Bleeding Heart, Trillium, Grape Hyacinth, Flowering Currant. Brand new leaves on trees are my favorite Chartreuse; so vibrantly green it hurts my eyes. It is still so, so, wet and chilly, but when the sun peeks through the clouds, there is warmth and even... sometimes... heat (gasp!).

Migrating birds return and the slugs and bunnies are everywhere, evening and morning, nibbling away at the edges of the yard. Our resident part-albino doe visits the yard, still with her Mama. She doesn't look like she will ever be full-sized, which we read is common with albinism in deer. She's very shy, so pictures are never possible without shrubbery partially obscuring her bright coat. 

In the greenhouse, seeds are planted in anticipation of warmer and dryer days ahead. 

And my new second-favorite pollinator is discovered hovering over the Forget-Me-Not patch. What is it? A little ball of fuzz with long legs and wings. Like an oversized mosquito in a fur coat. Its not exactly a bee, and doesn't really look like a fly, but is so darn cute! Give up? Its a Bee Fly!

You learned something new today. You're welcome.

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