Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Rest of May

Bees, piano recital, working hard to finish school work, and finally getting enough sunshine to till and plant the garden. May was full and happy and blessed in every way.

We were absolutely shocked one evening to discover that the evening song we both always associated with American Robins actually belongs to our Black-headed Grosbeak. We don't see them very often, and always assumed that they only migrated through the area as they show up on the bird feeder occasionally, but not for very long, and never for consecutive days.

Now that we've had this quite delayed epiphany, we're amazed to realize just how much we're hearing that song and from quite a few individuals scattered throughout the woods.

It's always good to learn something new, and we were both relieved to realize that it wasn't just he or just I, but we BOTH were wrong this time!

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