Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Goodies for Sale

You all were so enthusiastic on Instagram about the fun things I was making for the retreat last month, that I decided to make up another batch to offer for sale. Just in case everyone else that didn't get to attend was feeling left out.

Now available in my etsy shop are:

Frog Stitch-Ripper Pins
We've all been there. Stitching away when suddenly we realize that we've done it all wrong; mis-counted, used the wrong stitch, the wrong color, you-name-it.

We call these mistakes "frogs". We call the process of taking the stitches out "frogging". Why? Because with every stitch the mantra repeats in our heads, "Rip-it, Rip-it".

I had the brilliant idea to make some pins with the specific purpose of helping such ripping to happen in a more entertaining way. So what did I do? Adorned them with frogs of course!

I start with pin blanks, to which I've added various shades of green for the bellies of the frogs along with metal alloy heads and legs. They are secured with the strongest jewelry glue I can find, so they should be able to live long lives and withstand much use and abuse. And they include a little cap to go on the sharp end to protect wayward fingers from being pricked during storage.

I currently have 3 different shades of green made up, which I refer to as: Light, Marbled, and Dark.

You will be able to select your desired shade from the drop-down menu before you check out.

These fun and very giftable pretties will arrive in a resealable cello bag on a card printed with the most perfect vintage image ever. It is titled, "As ye sew, sew shall ye rip" with the name "Alice" underneath.


Cross Stitch Sampler Pendant or Thread Rings
With images from some of my all time most popular designs, the pendants can be worn as a necklace or used as a thread ring. Each pendant comes with a 24 inch nickel plated ball chain as well as a 2 inch book ring, making it easy for you to either wear around your neck or use to kit up new design threads for stitching.

The images in the pendants vary, but are all taken from my own designs or from antique samplers that I've reproduced. They are housed in a silver metal backing (not sterling; these are a costume-jewelry grade pendant made from a metal alloy) with a glass dome to protect the image. I currently have 16 images made up, but I am open to the idea of making a custom pendant for you, so please put in a request if you don't see one of your favorite Heartstring Samplery designs represented.

You will be able to select your design name from the drop-down menu before you check out.

These fun and very giftable pretties will arrive in a resealable cello bag.

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