Monday, June 01, 2009

New Sampler Release... Long May She Wave

Many Colonial women supported the Revolutionary War effort. Some particularly daring women chose to serve as nurses, attendants, cooks, & even spies on the battlefields. Others, such as the famous “Molly Pitcher” (who fought in her husband’s place) & Deborah Sampson (who disguised herself as a man) saw action in battle. Most women, however, fought the war at home. As husbands & fathers left home to fight, wives & mothers took to managing the farms & businesses. A majority of women helped by making yarn & homespun necessities such as socks & underwear, both to send to militiamen & to support the boycott of British goods.

I like to think that a few also made commemorative samplers, inspired by the spirit of the time, Betsy Ross’s beautiful flag, & revolutionary words being spread like wildfire amongst the colonists.

The English author & philosopher Thomas Paine helped turn Colonial public opinion against Britain & solidify the emerging colonial unity with his January 1776 pamphlet Common Sense, which denounced King George III as a tyrannical “brute”. Paine, reasoning that it was unnatural for the smaller England to dominate the larger collection of American states, called on Americans to unite & overthrow British rule so that they could usher in an era of freedom for humanity. Inspiring & easy to read, Common Sense stirred the hearts of thousands & persuaded many would-be Loyalists & fence-sitters to fight for independence. The pamphlet caused a huge sensation throughout the colonies & sold over 100,000 copies within a few months of its first printing.

Sampler model stitched on 28 count even-weave linen
Stitch Count: 140 by 100

Pinkeep model stitched on 28 count even-weave linen
Stitch Count: 70 by 39

Price: $10 for my standard chart pack with color photo on the cover, enclosed in a plastic zip envelope. Cost includes shipping.

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Dora said...

Beautiful new design! I will be ordering this. Enjoyed reading a bit of history here, too!

primitivebettys said...

Another MARVELOUS pattern! :)

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

Love it! I think I might need this!

Nancy said...

This is very pretty Beth. I enjoyed reading the information you shared too.

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

Nice pattern!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

How very pretty and patriotic for the upcoming Independence Day :)

Tanya said...

Very pretty, Beth!

Anonymous said...

Love it !! I'll be ordering it.

Prim's by Kim said...

Stunningly beautiful =D

Tim W said...

As your little brother, I like the new design, and LOVE that you included some history.

I just wish you'd chosen someone other than Thomas Paine as your Patriot. Everything you said was true, and he definitely helped the American Revolution. But, he thought that the American Revolution didn't go far enough, and helped the bloody French Revolution build up steam as well.

He believed in the Fraternity of Men, but without the guiding hand of a Creator tempering human passions.

Now that my comment is longer than your post, let me reiterate--I love the sampler!