Friday, October 31, 2008

Jack-isms, Part 2

Sitting down to lunch... "So, Mama, tell me 'bout your day!"

After being told that Daddy had already left for work one morning, "That makes me cross." (anyone with a Thomas-obsessed pipsqueak will recognise the decidedly British comment).

Jack has lately been wanting to join in at mealtimes with his own prayer. Last night, this is how it went: "Dear Fader, bwessing for dis food, and........bwessing for dis food, and...........bwessing for dis food. Amen!" Guess he musta been hungry.

Upon taking a bite of his spaghetti with browned butter and Mizithra (I've been craving OSF, so I re-created a family favorite at home), he delared, "DEE-Yishous!"

In the car on the way to the grocery store, I asked, "Jack, what's your favorite kind of pie?" His reply, "I don't know. Lemme fink."

I received a package in the mail recently, and one item inside was a vintage plastic reindeer. I handed it to him to look at, and he said, "That's way Awesome!"

And a few mis-pronounciations that we love:
frefridger = refridgerator
caterputer = caterpillar
cheput = ketchup
DVDVD = DVD (seriously, we can't get him to shorten it!)

In addition to cracking us up daily with his expanding vocabulary, Jack, who will be 3 in December is now:
almost completely grown out of his 3t clothing
able to twirl spaghetti on his fork quite well
correct 85% of the time when asked, "what word starts with the letter ..."
very proficient at pointing and clicking, navigating through some favorite kids' sites on the computer:
ABCD game
Dog's Ballpit
Cous George


joann renee said...

I'm in love. Well, I already was. But the British-isms have pushed me over the top.

Laurie said...

He sounds soooooo cute! I love the way little kids talk! And why did you have to mention the mizithra cheese, now I'm craving it!