Monday, October 27, 2008

Where I Come From...

Some years, PUMPKINS never Get a Chance to Fully Ripen because of the SHORT Growing Season.

The Firewood Stash is Already Diminishing by the end of October.

Its a Land of Conifers and Cottonwood, so Autumn Colors are like Fireworks against a Night Sky.

The Bigleaf Maple is Impressive with its Massive Size and Craggy Branches.

But the Vine Maple is the DARLING of the Season.

Fungi take up Residence Wherever they Please.

When they Fall on the Road, Leaves have Time to REST before being Swept Away.

Leaves Don't Know How To Read.


Barbara said...

WOW, those pictures are AMAZING!! And the twist on Goodnight Moon (a family favorite) had me rolling on the floor! LOL!!!

just me. said...

Beautiful Photos Beth ~

can I park my wagon under your big ol' maple tree??