Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have been collecting the funny things Jack has been saying lately on scraps of paper- whatever I can get my hands on at the moment to record for posterity just how funny life with an almost-3 year old can be. Here are a few:

"I heeard a swell (heard a smell). You makin a cake for me Mama?"

"I wuv dis toy Daddy gabe me" (a slinky brought home from a business trip).

"Its nice and cozy in here. Fank you, Mama!" (after coming into the warm house after a walk).

"Mama, I need to tell you sumping. Daddy... he need to go hunt the deers".

And 2 conversations:

Jack: "Mama, I got hurt."
Mama: "Oh no! Where?"
Jack: "My tummy got hurt. I need to go Docors." (he thinks the Doctor's office is fun because of the toys in the waiting room).
Mama: "Oh. Do you need the Doctor to take your tummy out?"
Jack: "NO! I don't want my tummy out! Its as good as new!"


Jack: "Its right there on my cheek."
Mama: "What's on your cheek?"
Jack: "My beard."


Gregg said...

Those are great! Even better, they reminded me of Andyisms.

I do have to agree with Jack - Matt does "need to hunt the deer."

Christi said...

Thanks for the giggles Jack! Reminds me of my little ones.

joann renee said...

Amazing. I need to come out again and experience some of these phrases first hand.