Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When a Poor Girl is Under Seige

by forces of nature... the predictable monthly sort, and the unpredictable viral sort... all at the same time... this is where she likes to retreat...

in the glass: iced grapefruit juice, unsweetened

on the linen: Great Grandma Ida's Birth Sampler, number 4 in the series

in the air: swallows singing, wind chime ringing, creek water flowing, breezes blowing, wild currant fragrance wafting, my kind of "silence"

in the player: Northanger Abbey book on CD (dare I confess that this is my first time "reading" Austen? and although I enjoy the movies greatly, dare I confess that I am not ready to embark on another of her books any time soon? I won't elaborate unless you ask, for I know that her works are dearly loved by you.)


Karan said...

A wonderful place to retreat to. Hope you feel much better soon.

rebecca said...

What a fabulous retreat place whether under seige or not.
You are not alone. I love the movies and purchased the entire works of Jane to be able to read all but started into the book but haven't been back for sometime. Didn't know they were available on audio books. This would be great for the car as I drive about 10hours a week for school.

maggiesfarm said...

Feel better soon!
I spent a good part of last week stitching while under viral attack. How nice to have an excuse to sit in a chair and take care of yourself. How often does that happen?

I love Jane Austen on film. The books are good sleep aids. :)


Kelly said...

Love your retreat space. It looks perfect. I am afraid I have to agree with you on the Austen books as well. I just read Pride and Prejudice for the first time. It was not that much fun to read. I don't think I will be going back for more.

Dora said...

You've created a peaceful, relaxing retreat. Thanks for telling us what you were stitching. You know I would have asked you :)

I hope you are feeling better.

Stephanie (Joie de Bayou) said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Looking forward to seeing Grandma Ida's Sampler.

Those audiobooks can be tricky, a lousy reader can ruin a good story.

Berit said...

What a wonderful scene!

You must try P&P; I don't remember NA, which probably means I wasn't too hot on it either.

barbara r-g said...

i haven't read Austen either not sure why. i can see you will get healthier in such a peaceful,green place. it is a fantastic place to relax. take the time to heal.love your pictures.

VickieV said...

Relax and enjoy! What a wonderful place to do it in!