Friday, January 07, 2011

My Sweet Pea

My little Miss is almost 3. For some reason, I am struggling with this birthday more than any other... I want her to stay 2 for much, much longer!

I am putting off her birthday celebration until next weekend for numerous reasons, but mostly because I am simply NOT READY.

Not ready for the baby talk to end, not ready for the little bits of chub to melt away, not ready for her to stop needing me to hold, cuddle, carry. Although I am really ready for the diaper changes to end, I am hanging onto TWO with a desperate grip.

Feeling sentimental (and a little guilty for putting it off so long), I finally cut her silhouette yesterday, and hung it on my wall next to her brother. At least I will be able to hang onto her charming ways through my photography, writing, and now a little bit of art.

She wants "macawoni cheese" for her dinner, and a "chocate ice keem cake" for her dessert. And pretty panties with "grocies" on them for her present (yes, groceries... think I'll find those easily? I'm thinking perhaps I'll find some with fruit. I hope.)

She's my baby, and she is growing up fast.



Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

The silhouette is beautiful, Beth! They do grow up so fast it seems like a blink and they're 16. I don't at all blame you for wanting to hold on.

Happy birthday to your beautiful, little girl!

Emily, Bob, Etta & Mae said...

Hello! My name is Emily Wicks & I am a friend of Christine's in Lewiston, ID. I follow your blog and love your work. I have been interested in getting a silhouette(s) done for my (also almost) three year old. She has a 4-month old sister - but I think that may be too young. =) Anyway, I was wondering if that is something that you do for other people? Can you do it "from a distance" or only in person? We are planning on being in Portland in early October, so we could arrange something if it is a possibility. Hope that you don't think I'm super weird!! Thanks for your minute to read and respond.


The Green Family said...

Hi Beth! I seem to remember that you will do these silhouettes for purchase, right? If so, what do you need from me (just a profile picture??) and how much do you charge? And if I had you do one, is each one one-of-a-kind? Or could you somehow make duplicates of it? I'm pretty clueless as to how you actually make them! :-P My e-mail is:

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, it's Deb! I would love for you to do our three dogs, they were in the picture I sent of Den and I on our steps. Would you let me know what you charge?
Looking forward to seeing what kind of cake you will be making for Katie. How about the one that is made with the Barbie doll and the cake as her dress. Not my style but very popular when I was young. Don't worry, each year still brings good things to look forward to with Jack and Katie. Love, Deb

Jennifer said...

Hey Beth,

I love the papercutting designs. I treasure my profile pics of my now 2 grown children in my office from Disney.

You are so talented and I love following your blog, your house is so inviting always and your kids are so cute.

Stay warm,
Feathers in the Nest

Joy said...

Beth, you are so right...they grow up way too fast! Absolutely love your special you made them! I am fortunate to have one of me and my sister, my 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Memories are a wonderful thing to hold on too!

Verde Farm said...

How precious. I love silhouettes so much. Hers is wonderful with that adorable pony tale. I love the groceries request...maybe some with strawberries and cherries :) It’s so hard to see them grow up so fast and it does happen so fast.