Thursday, January 27, 2011

O Happy Day!

I'm Baaaaaaack! My Knight in Shining Armor drove down to the airport last night and picked up the package with our new modem in it, just so I didn't have to wait another day to finally get some internet action again.

I had forgotten what normal loading speeds were like. Our modem has been giving us grief for a bit longer than we realized. Living in the boonies has its drawbacks, I guess. Even this *fast* internet is nothing like what people in more populated areas get. We have to rely on satellite. I can only dream of the flash speeds many of you must take for granted. But who cares? I am able to post again, without taking up half of my morning to do so, and that makes me very, very happy!

I have missed you all.

I have a pile of things to tell you about, but first things first... Today is sunny and will get up to the low 50's, and we will be spending much of it outside getting things done, and soaking in some Vitamin D.

I promise we'll take a porch-swing Peanut Butter Toast break in your honor.


Catherine said...

What cute pics!

Sunny and in the 50's?!?! Enjoy!! We had a lot of shoveling to do today!

Oh, and thanks for the list - love any excuse to go shopping!

Dora said...

Welcome back :)

Alice said...

Cute pictures!
I know what you mean about lightning fast connections. I am afraid I am one of those spoiled rotten people that expects instantaneous results and get kind of cranky when I don't get it. Silly me. Sometimes taking things a little slower and savouring life is the way to go.

I'm glad your internet will be a bit faster for you though.