Friday, January 28, 2011


Not only was it drop-dead gorgeous weather (don't go getting all jealous- the rain is back today),

but I had the pleasure of meeting the Flying King of Dirt.

He was such a fast-flying King that he left his Herald behind and had to announce His Own Royalness as he flew. "Da-da-da-DAAAA! I'm the Flying King of Dirt!"

I need some of that enthusiasm and bravado.

Oh... Did you see? Back to the first photo... The chopped hair? Yep. That truly is me. Perhaps you didn't notice, since you don't see pictures of me that often. I haven't had my hair this short since college (a decision I regretted almost instantly). For me, "short" is shoulder-length. And that's how long this haircut was supposed to be. But someone forgot to compensate for my curls (that's the only excuse I can come up with on her behalf), because I resemble Shirley Temple.

And it was even a really awkward style too, until I got so sick of looking at it and took out my scissors to do my own repair work. Now its much better (Seriously! How is that even possible?). But still too short.

Everyone else says, "OH! Your hair is so cute!" Blah, blah, blah. Me? I'd rather be ravishing than cute. And my hair is one of my best features (if I do say so myself). Short just doesn't do it for me. So if you pass me in the street, please do me a favor, and don't say anything, unless its to tell me that you are SO very sorry, and to hang in there for a few more months until it grows out!


KimV said...

Oh, Beth, I'm sooo sorry for your hair... lol... even if it does look CUTE! and seriously the Flying King of Dirt is really pretty cute! Where is his princess sister?
I'm staring at your drop dead gorgeous weather and what is really standing out to me is your drop dead gorgeous GREEN grass... like green everwhere... and then I look out my window and I see white and more white... No Fair!
Please keep posting the pictures of the green grass so I can remember what it looks like...

Catherine said...

The next worse thing to a haircut I don't like is when everyone else says it looks cute, so I can relate!! Good thing is, it will grow back.

Oh, I am longing for those bright blue days and green grass! That's the cutest Flying King of Dirt I've ever seen!

When working on Truly THankful - Valentine Edition, I noticed that the bottom line had 14 sections - did you plan that? Either way, I think it's cool!

Have a great weekend.

connie said...

Sorry but I really do think your hair looks cute.And I really like it..

Deb said...

Beth, you look so much younger!!!

Amy said...

Beth I love LOVE your new hair style! I say enjoy it for now - it looks really pretty I think!

Alice said...

Ok. Sorry about your hair. But it is cute.