Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Day in the Life

Some days turn into a vortex of activities.

My life is normally pretty sane, but yesterday? Not so much.

It started with a run to the vet to drop of two of our dogs for checkups.
Did I mention that we dropped them of at 7:30?
And that I don't usually roll out of bed until 7:15?
85 pounds of sheer energy-on-a-leash. Times 2.

At least I was only responsible for the one that wanted to mark every bush, rock, twig, and piece of furniture in sight.

The Mister got the one that wanted to jump vertically 5 feet off the ground to see who was behind the counter, to assess whether to add them the long list of people that she can paw at and beg to get love and cuddles from.

It was early, but I love early mornings, especially in the Autumn.
Thats the mouth of our driveway there on the left.
This was our return trip home to scarf down a bowl of cereal.

Because we had to leave again to get the Kindergartner to school for his Jog-a-Thon at 8:50.

Did I mention that he doesn't usually go to school until 12:50?

At 8:30, the neighbor's cows are still grazing in mist.
The entire school was out in force for the Jog-a-Thon. There were kids everywhere.
I could never be an elementary school teacher. I have so much admiration for those who can.
Despite the occasional slow lap with Little Sister tagging along, He ran TWENTY-TWO eighth-mile laps. That's over 2 miles.
I got to hang out at the Kindergarten corner with two Moms that I like very much. The three of us cross paths nearly every day at drop-off and pick-up time.

We marked lap cards, and occasionally got a chance to speak.

My favorite comment of the day came from a passing First Grader, who, in between gasps for air, looked right at us and said, "I shoulda brought my Nikes".
Back at home, I took care of my mid-day Kennel duties, then baked zucchini bread.

My bushes are feeling very generous this year.
I also made a family-sized batch of meatballs to round out a spaghetti dinner for friends who just had baby number 5.

This is exactly the time I forgot that I wanted to document the day with photographs.

I finished a pincushion while the meatballs baked

I then loaded the kids up, dropped off the meal, picked up mail at the Post Office, and got to the Dentist's office in time for our 4:00 appointment.

I actually got to sit still and crochet for 30 minutes while the Kindergartner got his teeth cleaned, and Little Sister played with a basket of toys.

Then it was off to fill up the gas tank, pick up a pizza for dinner (woo hoo!), pick up two loopy dogs from the vet, and finally go home for good.

Today? Today I will remain as still as possible. Just as soon as I get some laundry going, clean the kitchen, give the kids their baths, make a couple of school runs, pick green beans and raspberries and vacuum my dirty floors.


Lorraine B (ME) said...

Hi Beth,
PHEW!!!!! I am exhausted just from reading your post. I agree with you on teachers of young children. They are an amazing blessing! I looked back and am amazed pondering those very busy days I had myself with young children! I guess all that training keeps me going these days. You are a breath of fresh air to me as are my 2 daughters. It's so refreshing to know there are still many who are willing to live off the land, preserve their crops and keep their families as healthy as possible in today's world. You are also teaching your children how to survive if times got more difficult than the days we are now experiencing and yet, still having time to play with the children. It only takes one generation to lose that imprint. You are pretty special!!!! Thanks for sharing. You make me smile ;)

Mouse said...

second time of trying eeekkk ... wow you have exhausted me just reading your post ... love the photos as always ... bread looks delish :) and you even managed to get some stitching in too !! way to go :) love mouse xxxxx

marly said...

Some times I like those hectic busy days. The comfort of rest when it's over is more appreciated. With two children and two litters, I guess those are the only type of days you have!