Friday, September 02, 2011

The End of Beach Week

I'm done. Promise.

After today, I will resume normal-life posting.

When a girl takes 487 photos in the span of 4 days, it can be really, really hard to narrow them down to any less than say, 70 or so?

You still like me, right?

Its not like I'm forcing you to sit there and read my blog today. (tap, tap, tap... anyone out there?)

Although it makes me happy that you do continue to come back.

I appreciate you, and enjoy putting myself and my photos out there for you to see.

Documenting our life has become a bit of a passion for me.

Inundating you with vacation photos felt a little bit mean.

Who likes watching vacation slide shows?

But... for this Mama, it was indescribable, getting to experience the first family vacation that wasn't troubled by multiple-nightly wakings and a crying-all-the-way-there drive.

I am so proud of how portable my kids have become.

And I am so happy and proud and humbled to get to have this guy still by my side, sharing the adventure with me.

The entire trip was what it should have been.

And now it is logged for posterity.

Even if your eyes glazed over in the meantime.


Joy said...

Beautiful family, beautiful photos! I'm thinking I need to visit this beach.

Edgar said...

What a super trip - I really enjoyed your vacation snaps!!

Catherine said...

Who could get tired of such beautiful pictures!! You and I both love taking pictures - I took close to 1000 in the 11 days that we were gone!!

Heather said...

I've loved your vacation pictures. I'm so glad you had such a good time.

Matt Boswell said...

Wow...great shots. Makes me want to live at the beach.

Mouse said...

ooooo how soon can I pack a bag and come to where you are just come back from my hols (that's why been quiet ;)) and my photos ain't as good as yours .. must have more practice heheheh .. just beautiful shots as always :) love mouse xxxx

joann renee said...

Thanks for all of your posts and pictures, Bethy. It was *almost* as good as being there with you. You're right: we definitely need to plan a family trip for next summer. :)

Peggy Lee said...

You take such beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing a bit of your vacation with us.

I just finished picking out the threads I will use for the sampler you so kindly offered to those who post a pic of your blog page taken wherever we happen to be. Carmen and I had an all too short visit during my time in Tennessee. Masterchief and I were very pleased to have met them.

Thank you so much for the sampler pattern. I'm off to cast my first stitches!

Louise said...

You can post as many vacation photos as you want :) They are gorgeous and I have enjoyed all of them. I've never been to Oregon, but it certainly looks like somewhere I'd love to visit. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay there.
Thanks for sending me the wonderful pattern. As soon as I finish my current project, I'll start it. I can't wait!

Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing. Your beach pictures look so different from our east coast ones. I really enjoy them. I appreciate you sharing your life on the blog.

Penny said...

Loved all your vacation pics!! You have a great eye and take some very beautiful shots.... Thanks for sharing them all with us.

Barb said...

I loved seeing your pictures.
When you are in such a wonderful place , you can't help but take lots of pictures. In Alaska, we took 150 pictures in one day! The kids look so cute!

MoonBeam said...

Loved the pix. It's been too long since I've been to the beach!

Merilde said...

Beautiful photos - you have such a great eye! "More, more, more," said the reader!

Rebecca said...

I loved your vacation slide show. You can always show them to me. I love to travel but for now I am stuck in Iowa. My favorite was the one of the light house.
Glad your vacation was such a success. You deserve it!
I logged on to check out your Hearstrings around the world, sounds like a great treasure hunt for me to find something here in Iowa....because all of the news stations around here say this is America's Heartland and I love looking for treasure.

Siobhan said...

I LOOOOOVED your vacation pics--and so did my husband. I have always wanted to go to Oregon--actually, wish we'd moved there or to WA instead of to Ireland--and so I drank up each picture. My husband is obsessed with Bandon Dunes golf club--or whatever the name of it is--so he wants to go to Oregon, too. Thanks for letting us travel there vicariously through your photos!

Kigwit said...

I love your photos. Your coastline is so different from what I am used to. I live near Galveston Island, on the Texas gulf coast, and it is completely different than your photos. I must visit the PNW someday and enjoy the difference in person!

HomeSpunPrims said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! Being at the beach, waves lapping....always so calming to me. I'm glad you had a good vacation. Lori

Lorraine B (ME) said...

Beth, Thank you! I LOVE the Oregon coast. It was wonderful to share your vacation pictures. I remember that beautiful lighthouse!!! There is a pic of the water...was that a jellyfish in the water, also? It seemed so round. Just wondering. Thanks again for sharing!