Monday, September 05, 2011


I hope you are all enjoying a Labor-free Day today. Me? It will most likely be more of the usual... laundry, perhaps preserving some more zucchini (I grate and freeze it for winter batches of bread), and hopefully we will get to start stacking our firewood. Call me crazy, but I do enjoy that chore.

We are expecting the hottest weather of our season this coming week, and I'm really not looking forward to it. The saving grace of September heat is the cool and even downright chilly-ness of the nights that don't let the HOT accumulate day after day.

Our tomatoes could sure use the heat, so I will hide in the shade and let the sun work its magic. Those 45 tomato plants are just sitting there, holding onto their hard and green fruits like this Mama wants to hold onto her starting-Kindergarten-in-two-days son.

Yep. That is indeed a Radish. Too bad they were so spicy they just about welded our taste buds together. Even the chickens wouldn't eat them.

Have you been checking my Around the World page for updates? My blog has been visiting some pretty cool places lately...

And that is all I have for you today.


Catherine said...

All of you homegrown goodies sound, well, good! Have you ever made zucchini soup? Just discovered it this summer myself - love it!!

I still remember the day my oldest went to kindergarten!! He's in 6th grade now! Yikes!

Mouse said...

wenhad home grown carrots and french beans with our shepherds pie last night :) and its a long time since my youngest started nursery she's almost 19 now ....eeekk I'm not old enough love mouse xxxx

Peggy Lee said...

Oh I do love radishes but I can't say that I relish the idea of my taste buds being welded together!

Nice location pic for your around the world event.

I am almost done with your sampler. Will send you a pic when I finish.