Thursday, September 01, 2011

What We Ate

Have you had enough vacation pictures?

Too bad.

Because if all of the images of amazing, open, de-populated (if a bit windy and cool) beaches aren't enough to make you want to visit the Oregon Coast, perhaps these images will...

Amazing food, and even better coffee (Yes! Coming from one of the World's biggest Coffee snobs)...

All from the Sea Dog Bakery and Cafe in Waldport.

A total dive... don't look closely at the floor if you go there... and expect slightly prickly service from the staff...

But to find Organic, delicious food, and at a very reasonable price, in such a small town, was absolutely surprising and delightful.

We went back for more.

I can't say as much for our breakfast at Pig 'N Pancake, which was unremarkable. And even though they were serving the same exact coffee as the Sea Dog (which also happens to be the one I brew for myself daily here at home), it was pretty bad... weak... bland... ick. Certainly no photos taken there.

On the way down, day one, we stopped at a childhood favorite in Rice Hill... the K&R Drive-in.

Where we spotted a concert poster advertising a rather amazing line-up of bands.

Oh my.

Perhaps not the best taste in decor, but the best ice cream hands-down, on the I-5 corridor. I recommend the Peppermint. And the Chocolate Peanut Butter. Oh, and the Ol' South Fudge Pie. Heck, why not get a scoop (or two) of each?

We also stopped in at Mo's in Florence. I know lots of people absolutely adore the place, but I have a hard time finding anything remarkable about it. Except perhaps the view.

Not that its a horrible place to eat, don't get me wrong. The fish and chips are decent, the service is decent... its just all-around decent. Maybe if I liked clam chowder I would adore it?

I was mostly glad for the change of scenery for the kids, who had been angels in the car for a long, long... very long, time.

If the food had been inspiring, then perhaps I would have had the presence of mind to snap a few photos. Its not like the camera isn't glued to my hand or anything.

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