Friday, December 04, 2015

Christmas Tree Day

Our own personal little patch of Christmas trees has grown so much in the ten years since we planted that every one of our friends and family that comes are now getting beautiful, full-sized trees if they want, and some are even big enough that they have to be cut a foot or two off of the ground to get them to fit under a standard ceiling height.

We always go out and choose our tree sometime around Thanksgiving, marking it with a tag so no one else takes it, but we wait until the first weekend in December to actually cut it and bring it in.

I suppose it isn't as exciting for the kids when we just walk up past the front yard instead of going to a tree farm somewhere. We head out in our sweat pants, double check to make sure the tree we tagged is indeed "the one", and the Farmboy cuts it down in one quick swoop of his chainsaw.
At this point, the kids turned around with their noses wrinkled because "Daddy's chainsaw stinks!" and were just about to head back in for some Minecraft.

I said something along the lines of, "Hey! Be excited! Daddy just cut our CHRISTMAS TREE!"
Goofballs. I wonder where they get it from.

After a few hours of drying on the front porch, I set my hands to lighting the tree, then promptly forgot my camera while the fun of digging into the ornament collection happened.
Fortunately, I had a couple of models willing to pretend they were hanging ornaments...
In the past, our decorating has pretty much only extended into the living room and kitchen area of the house, but this year, we decided to add a second tree to the front room where the TV lives. Now when we watch Christms movies or play video games there's an extra bit of festiveness there as well.
Now to start wrapping presents...

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