Saturday, December 26, 2015

Handmade Christmas

In the old days, before my design business really started to make me busy, I used to make gifts for almost everyone on my list each Christmas. This year I let myself off the hook, so to speak, realizing that I would only drive myself insane trying to get it all done while maintaining my work, my home, and did I mention I'm now homeschooling my kids three days a week?

But... there were two little exceptions this year. Two people were "blessed" with labors of my time.

For my Mama, a tray of glass bubble magnets, depicting the cute heads of her 12 grandbabies.

And for my sci-fi loving baby brother, who actually asked for interesting/odd things to put on his desk at work... a tin can pencil holder with a cross-stitched Star Trek: The Next Generation wrap (design by weelittlestitches on etsy). I changed up a few of the colors and added all of the gold stars to the background to help fill up the space needed to cover the can.
And now I might have to make a few more for next year, because there were some jealous people in the room when he opened it (the sci-fi gene is strong in this family).

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Danny Whittaker said...

Oh yeah! I'm jealous. Little brother better guard that when I'm around this summer... :)