Thursday, December 17, 2015


He went from 5 pounds 4 ounces to five feet tall in no time at all. Really.

People always talk about how time flies, but I think until one is a parent or has a special kiddo in their life, that phrase really doesn't become so glaringly obvious.

I feel like I just started this whole parenting journey two, maybe three years ago. And yet it has now officially been a decade (if you don't count the pregnancy, which really should count for at least two years, since it feels that way).

This kid of mine is truly a treasure. He grows and matures (10 going on 40, I swear), but somehow is still that same sweet, kind, caring boy that used to be no higher than my knees. I see him interacting with his world in such a gentle way, opening doors for anyone coming, but especially seems to have a soft spot for silver-haired ladies. I even caught him the other day helping someone's Grandma open her car door, her on the inside, he on the outside; she did look a little startled at first, but then looked at me and smiled. He is equally sweet and (mostly) careful with his little sister. They are truly each others' best friend which really makes this whole homeschooling thing a heck of a lot easier to manage.

He is 5.5 books into the 7 book Harry Potter series, which I waited to read until he was old enough. We get to geek out and have inside jokes together now which does my nerdy-girl heart a lot of good.

He spends most of his spare time either playing or imagining Minecraft and Little Big Planet worlds, or shooting things with his Nerf guns. He wants to be some kind of builder/designer/architect/engineer when he grows up. He loves sleeping under heavy piles of blankets even in the middle of the Summer. He chose to go to school on his birthday because there would be microscopes and robots. He thinks it's amazing that the new Star Wars movie is opening on midnight after his birthday, but is happy to wait to see it until the crowds thin out. He loves to cuddle and give giant squeezy hugs and will still sometimes hold my hand in public.

I can't imagine my world without this wonderful boy.

Happy Birthday Buddy, you make me proud to be Mama.


Robin in Virginia said...

Oh my goodness, Beth! He is growing up before our eyes. What a wonderful young man he is becoming. Happy Birthday wishes to kiddo one!

cucki said...

Happy birthday wishes from the sunny South Africa xx

Annika said...

A bit too late. Congratulations. He is born at the same date as my older brother but a bit later, like 60 years or so.

gracie said...

Happy Birthday from Arizona...he is a handsome young man....