Monday, December 28, 2015

*EXPIRED* What You Really Wanted... a Year-Ending Sale

I hope you all had a really wonderful Christmas with your favorite people.

I hope your time was spent cherishing and enjoying the simple beauties of life.

I hope you had some relaxing and quiet moments to stitch on a favorite project.

I hope that if you exchanged gifts, you received and gave items that added delight to your life.

But if some or all of my wishes above were not fulfilled in your life this week, I offer you a year-ending sale so that at least your project bag for 2016 will contain something that you really want.

Go to my etsy shop and add whatever you want to your cart. If your order minimum is $10, and if you remember to enter the coupon code "WHATIREALLYWANTED" into the coupon code box when you check out (sorry, but I won't be able to add the discount after the fact if you forget), then you will get 25% off of your entire order.

I will not be processing any of the orders this week; they will be processed and shipped the first week of January.

Wishing you a peaceful week-after and a Happy New Year!

See you in January...


Robin in Virginia said...

Lovely cup and very cute socks, Beth! Hope you had a blessed Christmas. Wishing you and yours a healthy and peaceful 2016.

Jennifer M said...

Wonderful, I will take advantage of your generous sale! Like all, I have been so busy that I haven't read the last several of your blog entries until now. What a wonderful time I have had, catching up and enjoying beautiful photography<3 Wishing you all a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year!

Joy said...

May you have a Happy New Year!