Friday, December 11, 2015

This is Why NW Oregon is Green

We get a lot of rain in this part of Oregon. You see my pictures and leave comments about how green everything looks. Well, when you average 5-6 inches a month through Fall and early Winter, that's what you get... lots of green.

December average rainfall is around 6 inches, depending on what source you check.

This year we've had over 14 inches so far, and it just keeps falling.

We're blessed to live up in the hills where our home is at more of a threat from volcanoes or forest fire than flooding, but take a walk down to our creek and you can see evidence of all the extra water trying to make its way to the ocean.

The beaver family hasn't been active for the past year, but their dams are still mostly intact, adding to the noise of rushing water many waterfalls over and around dams. If it wasn't so cold and wet, I'd want to park myself on the bridge and let the white noise wash away all the tension of life.

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Judy said...

Beth, I love the picture of the mushroom. I'm inspired to sneak back in our woods tomorrow. We've had a lot of rain in Middle TN too, but not as much as y'all. There is no telling what I'll find, and that's what makes the adventure so fun.