Thursday, December 31, 2015


Our Winter break was so full and doubly blessed in every way. It was the first time we were all completely healthy for the holidays in a few years, and we were so grateful. We celebrated the season with our dearest friends and our church family and just the four of us and again with each side of the family. It was way more busy than we like, but we wouldn't have missed one single event.

We had a slightly white Christmas, having been dusted with a few inches the day before. It always feels so much more festive inside when all outside is bright and glittery.
Chilly George :: All is Calm :: All is Bright :: Festive :: Happy :: Still :: LEGOs Win the Day :: Peek-a-Boo :: Woodland Friend :: Cousins :: And More Cousins :: Catnap :: Golden Light :: Farewell Old Year!

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