Sunday, December 20, 2015

When a Kid Turns 10

When a kid turns 10 and there will be microscopes and robots at school on his birthday, he will most likely still want to go, even when there's an option to skip. But when that kid gets home, he will expect there to be a few presents and the requested dinner of carnitas which his Mama spent the day slow-cooking in the oven, and maybe even a cherry pie with candles that look like the number 10.

And there will be games.

And then, a few days later, he will squeeze as many of his favorite people as possible into a laser tag arena for an hour of fun.

And if a few of them can convene for some ice cream cake from Dairy Queen decorated by possibly the most talented fast food cake decorator in the nation, then so be it (seriously, if you're in the area, contact Theresa at the Troutdale Road DQ- she's amazing!).

And if there just so happens to be an epic movie that just came out in theatres, then by all means, he'll add it to the already full and happy day so he can watch it and be amazed and also watch his Mama cry like a baby over fictional characters.

When a kid turns 10 and his celebration is life-changingly amazing, then presedence is surely set, and who knows what on earth could possibly follow it up the next year.

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