Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Coop Within

Our new batch of baby chicks, having outgrown two cardboard box homes in the greenhouse, were in desperate need of some space. With no refrigerator boxes handy, and not wanting to revert to our old brooding space in the barn for various reasons, my Dear Ingenious One got creative.

We now have a fully-enclosed Coop Within a Coop, letting the new batch of birds get used to the old biddies while being protected from any vicious beaks.

They were a bit freaked out at first, huddling in the corner any time one of the GIANT hens came in the house, but now they are settled and happy.

It really does come in handy, having such a husband around, especially after hearing that they are selling city chicken coop contraptions for upwards of $700 at a local garden show. Yikes!


Patty C. said...

Great idea ;)

Alice said...

Wow... the little blighters sure grow fast!

joann renee said...

That last picture is AMAZING! How did you get her to stay still for it?!

Kim said...

I love chickens!! A friend of mine has all different kinds, they lay the most beautifal colored eggs!! They are very tasty!!!