Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is This the New Normal?

I love line drying my clothes.

Clothes do not get dry on a wet line.

If this rain doesn't stop soon, I am going to start saving money for a covered deck.

Then perhaps I can line dry my clothes whenever I please.

I find weather fascinating, so any time you want to tell me about your weather where you live, please do!

Check out the new gizmo I just added to my sidebar, showing you what the weather forecast looks like in my neck of the woods.


Joy said...

I have fond memories of hanging laundry to dry on the line. Oh, how I wish there was a place here.

Our weather has gone from cool and rainy to hot and humid! What happened to Spring easing into Summer?

Happy Week!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

We finally had a great weekend and just in time too - I was sick to death of rain.

AWESOME pictures!!!!

Vicki said...

I love weather too! When my kids were little I hung the laundry out on the line... it dried in literally 15 minutes because it is so dry here in the Phoenix area. Our spring has been unusually cool. We're just now heading into the 100s, we're usually at 105 or so by now. I'll take some of your rain anytime you want... (loved your photos)

Mouse said...

oo don't want to make you jealous but I actually got towels and sheets dry on my line today ..lol . love that first peg on the line picture ... that's more like here at the mouse house ..lol

The Green Family said...

It's FALL here in Australia! The leaves are changing color and floating to the ground. We've had LOADS of rain this week and all of my laundry has had to be hung INdoors. :-( Sad.

Pauline said...

Well, after too many winters of wet clothes, I finally convinced my hubby to put our clothes line under cover. They dry slowly (cos of the cold) but still have the 'dried outside' smell to them! It's almost winter here, we're already having wet and cold days, brrr!

Soili said...

Wonderful, wonderful photos! I do have a clothesline outside covered but I don't even seem to get there, ever... It has been very wet here too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, It rained all weekend in Libertyville, but Memorial Day was Beautiful! Dark and rainy again today. I'm going to drill more holes in my potted flowers outside, they are swimming! Love, Deb

A package will be heading your way!

Run Lori Run said...

I just bought a line to start drying outside but you're right we need sun for this to be effective. :)