Friday, May 20, 2011


Step One: Peel that last really brown and squishy Banana, then put it in a blender.

Step Two: Add the remainder of organic Vanilla yogurt from the fridge... about a cup worth.

Step Three: Toss in a handful of frozen Blueberries and a dollop of Strawberry freezer jam. Oh, and the last remaining tidbits of pineapple from last week's pizza night.

Step Four: Blend until smooth.

Step Five: Serve to two very cute and very grateful children. Best if sipped through glass straws from thrifted glasses...

on a Sunny back porch.


Cindy said...

Love the thifted glasses. They are actually jars that held dried beef. My girls love to drink from these at my mother's.

Cathy Lloyd said...

What? You have a sunny porch? No fair!