Friday, May 13, 2011


As I was unloading towels from the dryer this morning, habitually sorting out and tossing my dryer balls back in, I wondered to myself just how long it had been since I made them.

Doing a quick search here on my blog, I found the original post... It has been a full year!

Perfect timing for an update, I said to myself.

One year later, those dryer balls are holding up pretty well. Two of them have developed holes in the outer layer, but who wouldn't, after being tumbled countless times?!

I still use dryer sheets when drying anything that has a high polyester content, but otherwise find that static is pretty minimal, and the dry time does seem to be shorter than BDB (before dryer balls!).

As for the Coal Hopper featured in the same post, it has been joined by a Tunnel, and still gets lots of play time. I think this picture, showing the current state of the upstairs Boy room is all the evidence you need.

While on the topic, one final update, in case you were wondering... All last Summer, with very few exceptions, I kept up with mowing our front yard with my reel mower. I even ventured out and mowed our gigantic back yard a few times too. Fabulous excercise, I must say. It is certainly not a walk in the park, but I found it to be so very satisfying (call me weird!).

For the first time this season, I pulled my mower out yesterday and put it to use again. With quite a lot of use, and zero blade sharpening, my American-made tool went to work like it was brand new.

Now THIS American-made tool on the other hand, isn't feeling quite so brand new today. Muscles, leave me alone!

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Debbie said...

OK Beth, when you post pictures of your kids, there are not many toys around. Now I know they are hiding upstairs!!!! I thought they were playing with left over ( recycled ) wood blocks, and corn husk dolls! I was going to make a mad rush to Toys Are Us for some Barbies and more Barbies, and some transformers and action figures. So, I guess I can wait, you know how much I love toy's? OH, have you seen the new Blythe Dolls with the Little Pet Shop animals! I bought a vintage one on ETSY for Colleen! They are really cute!