Friday, May 06, 2011


Today... we are down to just one puppy waiting to go home. Zoey, the pink-nosed girl on the right went home a few days ago. Cooper, Mister black-nose on the left has been occupying himself with chewing on a ball, chewing on his food dish, chewing on blocks of wood left over from construction, knocking over his gravity-fed water canister, sniffing for bits of dropped food and biscuits, running around like a berserker, and... learning to sit on command! We can't spend a ton of time out in the kennel with him, but we do make a point of giving him as much attention as we can afford. We all are anxiously awaiting his family's return from vacation!

Today... Creative Chicks Rule (so says her shirt).

Today... I have a thousand satin stitches to put in before this sampler is finished.

Today... I have a bazillion tent stitches to put in so I can release this sampler already!

Today... my Son is working on improving his facial muscle control.

What are you up to Today?


Debbie said...

Beth, I laughed my pants off at the picture of Katie in the shirt Colleen insisted I buy. The glasses make the outfit. Col will be home mothers day, can't wait to show her .
Creative Chicks Do Rule!!!!!!! Happy Mothets Day, Deb

Alice said...

Your stitching looks lovely! Your kids are adorable and I could take Cooper home myself. I guess that his new family are wise to vacation before they bring him home though so that they can devote some solid time to him!

What was I up to yesterday? The same old, same old. Driving kids around creation, feeding people and doing laundry. I lined up some help for one of my volunteering activities and went and watched my daugher perfrom in The Wizard of Oz. Maybe today will bring some stitching.

marly said...

The puppies are making me ache for another Lab. The new sampler looks fabulous! Can't wait to see it. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!