Sunday, May 08, 2011


She likes Pink. She loves sparkly things.

Its not my fault.
I blame it on my Mama.
The Pink Gene skipped over Me and landed on my Daughter.
Poor girl.

Happy Mother's Day anyway, Mama... I love you.


Jackie said...

My niece who is 8 has outgrown pink but she still loves things that glitter! As a mom of 2 grown men, I'm enjoying being able to girly it up with her!

Penny said...

My now 25-year-old daughter had her red sparkly "Dorfy" shoes that she would wear with anything and everything as a little girl -- and adored anything with a bit of glitter! Although she has outgrown the sparklies, she is still a fashionista and loves to accessorize her outfits with all kinds of unique things! Shades of things to come for you.....?!
Happy Mother's Day!

Marie said...

Thank you for giving me a sweet granddaughter who can relate to her grandmother (who can't help it that she loves pink more than any other color and still loves sparkly things too!!) We're going to have so much fun!!!
...and btw: Happy Mothers' Day to you, too! I love you!

Witch of Stitches said...

I outgrew then pink gene and then it came back in middle age! I've always had the sparkle gene. You little gal is adorable and very much a pink gal.