Monday, May 23, 2011

First Firepit of the Season

It was a little chilly, and mostly cloudy, but it was dry out, and we have been waiting for way too long.

So this weekend, out came these amazing hot dogs that I feel great about feeding to my kids...

And for the final course... what else?... S'mores!

The kiddos eat theirs the traditional way (cooked as quickly as possible so they can eat them NOW!).

I and the other adults like to take advantage of our special Chocolate Rock to pre-warm the Graham Crackers and Chocolate of choice.

The result is the most ooey-gooey crispy-crunchy Bite of Perfection.

Care to join us next time?


Natalia said...

YUMMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Higgenbottom said...

How fun to do this in your own backyard! Your kiddos are adorable too!

Marie said...

Mmmmm!! Let me know when you're doing it again. I'll be there!!