Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Month Without Coffee

Please celebrate with me this morning... I'm drinking coffee!
(and cross your fingers that it won't give me tachycardia).
You may or may not know just how closely knit Coffee and I have become over the years. My best morning companion, comfort for my tastebuds and fingers, as they wrap around a toasty warm mug. I drink her BLACK as night at the beginning of each day.
But back on Christmas Eve when my illness took a turn for the worse and heart rates were through the roof, it became clear that we needed a separation. No caffeine. Period. It was much easier to give up sugar and bread than my Beloved Coffee.
But the last few days have shown such improvement in how I feel that I am taking a risk. A small one, mind you... its decaf there in my cup. Perhaps I'll stick with decaf for the rest of my life, who knows. I'm still just taking one day at a time.

And this day is starting out just right.

PS. those puddles of water on the side table of our grill are frozen solid. The roads are an ice rink this morning. So glad to make it to school and back in one piece. Now for story time with the Girlie before I have to rest up for the next undertaking.


Rachel Whetzel said...

I'm totally pinning this. :) So glad you're on the mend!! And that even if you have to skip the caffeine, there's hope in the decaf world... your coffee photos make my heart sing. :)

Penny said...

Glad you are feeling better!! I'm with you... coffee is such a part of life that I'm not sure I could part with it..... although I did switch over to decaf many years ago. A good cup of "high test" is always delicious and welcomed, but not worth the side effects!!
Stay safe and warm... here on the other side of the country, life is frigid, too, and we are expecting a bit of snow tomorrow night.

Donna G. said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I also love black coffee every morning! Glad you have been able to be reunited with your morning friend (albeit decaf!).

Sandra said...

So happy you are feeling better. I have had irregular heart beats on and off ever since I was in my twenties. Consequently, I have been on and off of caffeine many times. Now I drink it half and half and this works well for me most of the time. Hope you continue to do well.
Homespun Elegance

Carole W. said...

Ditto Sandra's comments....although now it's atrial fib/flutter....I also do the half/half mix.....except when we go out to breakfast, I do have ONE cup of the real stuff (especially if it's a place where the coffee is "over the top" good!
Your photos are always so wonderful!!!