Thursday, January 17, 2013


The mornings have been so very bright and cold lately. The snow fell, what? a week ago? more? I've lost track. And still it covers the ground, sparkling in the rays of sun and moon.
The sun rising through the trees on such a cold sparkly morning is an inspiration to carry me into the day. I'm still pretty low. Much better, when compared to a week, two weeks, three weeks ago, but struggling with this slow recovery process.
Trying to savor the slow days with my kids (the First Grader has been home all week with viral Tonsillitis), the cozy couch I lay on, the warm crackling fire in the woodstove, the winter birds flitting outside my window. I know that I am so very blessed. I sometimes don't feel the blessedness of my life, but I know it. I claim it.
And when I feel some stamina emerging in the late afternoon, I pick away at the things I want to accomplish. My lists are short, my expectations I keep to a minimum. But you'll be glad to know that despite the slow rate, I have finally finished preparing a little Valentine pattern, which I'll release tomorrow. Go me!


rachel whetzel said...

Keep feeling better!! (I feel like I should be sing songing something in a Dori voice right now) <3 your photos. Always.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Beth, So sorry to hear that you are so unwell. I have somehow missed all of your posts recently but have now scrolled down and caught up on your news. However, glad to hear that the naturopath is able to provide some answers and that your health seems to be on the mend. Wish your DD a very happy 5th birthday and know that I am sending my prayers and positive thoughts your way.
hugs, Kaye

Marie said...

I love to hear you're improving, even if slowly! I miss you! As always, you're in my heart and in my prayers.

marly said...

Although slow, progress is wonderful to hear!

Melissa said...

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery! As always, I so enjoy reading your blog and taking in all the wonderful, amazing photo's! Keeping you in my thoughts,