Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Great Idea

My Sis-in-Law Jen has been selling antiques on ebay for a very long time.

She has dabbled in hand-dids now and again,(you may recall the sampler that she designed and released under my business name) but has only just recently opened an etsy shop.

Where she just listed these fabulous battery-operated candles which she embellished with a print from an antique sampler that she owns.
And her price point is just about right, in my opinion. Perfect for holiday giving.
You know you want one! Click here to visit her shop.


Mary said...

Beth, thanks for the post. I just bought a candle. you are right perfect night light for the top of the stairs.

Penny said...

Hi Beth.... I'm heading over to purchase one of these right now!! It's fabulous.... thanks for sharing!