Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Three Left

Puppies have been going home in flocks these last few days. We had 17 left on Friday evening, and now we are down to 3.
It is so quiet around here, and mealtimes are much less complicated.
2 of these pups will go home later this week.
But this little guy's landlord told him he couldn't go live at his new home.
He is so sad. He needs a new family. He needs a name.
I keep calling him Tiger, because I think it suits him. If no one claims him in the next week, we will start training him and will sell him when he is a little older as a trained dog. So it isn't all gloom and doom for him. But, 7 weeks of age is really the prime time for Labradors to bond with a family, and it would be much easier for him AND his new family if he got moved in soon.

I know, I know... if you lived closer, you'd buy him in a heartbeat, right? So move closer already!


Heather said...

My husband would kill me. At the moment I don't care. How much?

Mouse said...

aww bless his cotton paws and he suits tiger too :) hope you find some one quick :) love mouse xxxx

LoriU said...

Oh my gosh....I would love to give him a home! We would have to fly there to get him....I'm asking DH!!!

MoonBeam said...

You're killing me with these sad stories and super cute pictures!

Lizzy Pizzy said...

I'm bonding with Tiger's photo!!! Stupey landlord (as my daughter would say) - bet he never saw this little guy before he made his final decision.
BTW - LOL Heather... after all, how long could your hubby stay angry REALLY :)
Liz x

Natalia said...

I don't think this landlord was the right person for Tiger !! He needs somebody who loves him, and who wouldn't with that totally adorable face? Oh, I'd better move away from your blog or I'll end up with a third dog !!! Good luck to Tiger, I know you will make sure he gets into a loving family.