Monday, November 07, 2011

And thats a Wrap

The last little puppy went to his new home on Saturday. I was calling him Tiger for lack of a better name, but we learned that his name is actually Gus. We had been wondering why in the world he went un-claimed for nearly a week, but his new owner had no such questions. "Its because he was meant for me". We really love that part of this business of raising puppies. A person does get a little attached to the cuties, but seeing them interact with their new families, and to see the real joy in people's faces as they carry their new baby away from the kennel. That is good medicine for the heart, I tell you.
Here is our Lucie, being very curious about that puppy Gus. And he of her...
We are very hopeful that she will be our next Mama to have a litter. It has been 2 years since she had puppies, and there is quite a line-up of families that are waiting for some good news.


LoriU said...

Awww I am glad he got a new home! I really wanted him but considering we are in OHIO, the cost of us flying there and back; hotel; and how to get the puppy on the place was too much!

Thanks for sharing all the puppy pics...we love them!

mimma said...

Hi Beth, I'm Mimma from italy,I'm one of your follower. I do love your puppies, I adore them and keep all your pictures in a special folder on my PC.
Now I wonder if it would be possible
getting your permission to show on my blog (sometime) a pictures of these miracles of the nature, obviously linking your website.
I have a labrador, her name's Pepa.
Thank you for sharing your sweet ones.

MoonBeam said...

Just too cute!

mimma said...

Thank you for your permission Beth.
So dear and sweet of you -:)