Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

So long old friend... for the last 11 years you have taken us on road trips, errand trips, and Calamity Jane's take-out trips.
You brought both of our children home from the hospital, helped us deliver Christmas presents, and kept us dry on the long, rainy drive to more than one funeral.
You toughed your way out our snow-filled driveway, and even drove us down into our wild woods on a few occasions.
But with 192,000 miles, a cracked windshield, broken CD player, creepy gurgling noises from the dashboard, cracked console cover, and door handles that no longer work properly (not to mention balding tires), it is time to trade you in.
Your replacement won't be new, but will be new-er. Different color, but same make and model.
I can only hope that it will be as faithful as you have been.
Please don't be too sad about our parting. We weren't your first owners, and surely won't be your last. Take good care of your new family and perhaps they will wax poetical about you at your future parting.


MoonBeam said...

I guess I've been sentimental about trading in some of my cars, too. Not all of them, though!

Good years with the newer one.

Mouse said...

ohhh dear ... hope your new replacement will be as good as your last car .. I hated to see my first car go ... love mouse xxxx

Jen said...

But I won't be able to recognize you anymore...I'll say, "Who's fancy rig is that with those country bunkins?" :) All kidding aside, CONGRATS! I know that it's been a long time coming!!!!!

Barb said...

It's funny how you can be attached to a car. The first time it happened to me was last year when our Honda failed!! Our little Grandson had nick-named it "Beep" He often asked how Beep was doing. Guess that made that car special.

joann renee said...

Aw. I remember when you first got it. Kimmie & I came out to ride in it with you & Matt to go to Danny's wedding. I was so impressed with it's lushness.