Tuesday, November 01, 2011

This Land

It was thirteen years ago yesterday, the day I first stepped foot on this bit of soil.
It was dark outside, the house was sub-floor and sheetrock, surrounded by mud.
A tall, skinny boy held my hand as he proudly guided me through the construction debris and to the door.
I had only the teensiest glimmer of a thought that I might one day call this land home.
A momentous occasion, that night.
Strange to think that it passed without trumpets and fanfare.


MoonBeam said...

Gulp! How sweet and touching. And backed up by some beautiful photos. Nice post.


Heather said...

They always do. Congratulations on 13 years.

Mouse said...

oh wonderful photos and congrats on 13 years .. we celebrate 23 this year eeekkkk ..lol love mouse xxxx

Patti said...

Lovely!I can't believe how your homestead has grown and changed ~ and all at the hands of you and your husband. How special that is!
Blessings, Patti

Joy said...

Beautiful place, and photos, to spend 13 years!