Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Since shortly into the school year, my Littlest has been asking when SHE gets to start Kindergarten. I expected this question to a certain degree, but what I didn't expect was this:
As soon as she learned that Kindergarteners know how to write their own name, she was ON IT. Previously she was just mildly interested in letters at best, but she is now obsessed, and practices writing her name and forming the other letters almost daily.
Goal-oriented much?


MoonBeam said...

So cute. Keep up the good work, Littlest One!


Jennie Lynn @ Appleseed Prim said...

My youngest son was like that. He learned to write his name, Ben, by the time he was three. Once he got to kindergarten they made him write his full name, Benjamin. He thought that was very unfair :)

Mouse said...

awwww haven't seen those books in ever such a long time :) hope she enjoys it when she does finally get there :) love mouse xxxx

Marie said...

Adorable!!! I love these pictures!

(make sure you help her learn to hold the pencil correctly. If she doesn't, they will make her do it when she starts school and it will seem awkward to her).