Monday, September 24, 2012


It would seem that Summer's hold has at last been broken.
Although September in truth is warmer in our corner of the nation than June, making the days feel as though the sun will stay awhile longer... the nights are downright chilly, and mornings are becoming damp and foggy.
I had candles burning just a few days ago, to help ward off the gloomy outdoors.
Meanwhile, I'm up to my chin in cucumbers and green beans, and therefore have been spending lots of time picking, cleaning, preserving for winter.
Yearning for soup and sweater weather, yet still holding out hope that the sun will stick around long enough for the tomatoes and pumpkins to ripen.
We're settling into our new school-time routine, parting ways each morning, having different adventures throughout the day, then enjoying each other all the more in the afternoon for having missed the time together.
I've been blessed by my Mama with a promise to watch the littlest once a week while I lend a hand in the First-grader's classroom. It has been a bit exhausting, spending so much time with all of those energetic bodies, but I couldn't be more thrilled to share in a part of his life, and do as much as I can to help the teacher and staff.

You might notice that I've been a bit less wordy, and have missed more days than usual here on this blog. My routine has been turned on its head, but I'll find a new groove soon, I'm sure. I always do.


Penny said...

Your photos are always so lovely.... the spider web you captured is amazing....although I might add that I'm SOOOO thankful there wasn't an spider in the middle of it! I know they are good, but they are also ugly and give me the chills... :)
Glad you are getting to spend some time in the classroom.... it is indeed rewarding and fun for both the parent and student!
Have a wonderful day!

stitchinrose said...

so beautiful, I love spider webs, so fragile and yet so strong and when the dew is on them they sparkle and are more beautiful than any man made diamond necklace. And spiders, goodness they have some of the most colorful biggest I have ever seen here in Texas.

gracie said...

I have read/looked at your pictures over a few time...lovely. Thank you for sharing them.

Jessica Hunt said...

Oddly enough your pictures today made me stoked for all my autumn clothes. We just moved and have been traveling a lot back and forth between Seattle and Eugene trying to use our season Duck tickets. It is exhausting making the five hour trip there and back all in one weekend, every weekend. I keep telling myself that I will figure out a new routine and get back into my blog, which is something I've really been wanting to do for awhile. It just hasn't happened yet.
Don't worry, you will find a routine. And until you do we will all be patiently waiting for another post :)

Flávia e Cristiana said...

Olá! Lindas fotos. Acho linda a árvore acer palmatum, tenho uma muda em meu jardim. Um abraço.