Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hearts on Fire

Do you remember my firewood end-wall from last year? You know, the one with a heart embedded right into it?

Well, by the end of last winter, it looked like this (minus the mound of freshly cut wood, of course)...
I didn't like burning up my heart. Made me sad.
So I decided to make another one this year. This time better, I told myself.
And with more stacks on the other side to keep that greedy woodstove from burning it up so fast.
Actually, we have a new woodstove this year, bound to be much more efficient and frugal, so perhaps this time my heart can wait to be burned up in next Summer's firepit.
A slightly more romantic demise, in my opinion.


Ann said...

Cutting wood - I spend many, many hours doing that during my teenage years. My brother ran the spliter and my younger sister and I had to throw the wood into the back of the pickup. Then Dad would drive down the hill, we'd throw the wood down into the cellar and stack it. I really, really don't miss that job. I like the heart you've incorporated into your stack - something to smile at!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

that sure is a lot of wood - I remember it used to be normal to have a fireplace in your house - funny how quickly things change