Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting There

It feels like it has taken forever... and, well, in comparison with most other gardeners it HAS taken at least half of forever.
But the tomatoes are really and truly ripening at last.

At least some of them. Enough for a batch or two of salsa.
I'm afraid most of the kazillion bushes will remain green though.
Too bad I'm still stocked up on Green Tomato Chutney from last years' crop.

Methinks a hoop house is in our future.


rachel whetzel said...

Pick all your green ones and leave them in a cool dry place. Take a few out at a time, and leave them in a WARM dry place. They will ripen! Just be sure to leave their stems on! You can have ripe fresh tomato into the spring if you have enough!

Beth Pool said...

Oh I like Rachel's comment. I didn't know you could do that!

For some reason my bushes all ripened at the same time even though we had a mix of early and late bloomers. Now I'm in an all out war against fruit flies, and been roasting tomatoes after dinner during the week to freeze as sauce.

I thought it was due to our Indian Summer, so I'm a little surprised you're still in a plethora of green. Good luck! Strange weather we're having in these parts...

Anonymous said...

Now would be the perfect time to make a green tomato cake. No one would ever know that that is what they are eating. Delish!
The recipe came from Paula Deen's website.

gracie said...

Nothing better than fresh picked tomatoes.

stitcheranon said...

New to your blog but have to add a comment; put them in a bag with some bananas..they will ripen xx

Véronique Victorien said...

avec les tomates verte ont peu faire de la déliceuse confiture
bonne journée

Andrea said...

Fried green tomatoes?