Thursday, September 27, 2012

Princess Dress

A certain someone received a hand-me-down Princess Dress not too long ago. Handmade with love for another little girl, who has now sadly grown too tall.
"Don't look at the seams!" We were told. "Its just an outside-play-dress!"
We didn't have to look at any seams. We didn't have a chance, actually.
No sooner was that Pink Swirly Concoction out of the bag, than it was on her body.
So fast, as a matter of fact, that she didn't bother to find out which was front and which was back.
But when it comes to Pink Swirly Princess Dresses, who really cares anyway?

The best part? She didn't choose a Disney Princess to emulate. Not my girl... "I'm Pwincess Weia! Get back Dark Bader!" Then she turned a pirouette and made a "balneria move", ending with invisible lightsaber in hand.



Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

So sweet! In the last photo you can still see the "baby" in her face - I do that with my children, still see the baby in them.

joann renee said...

That's amazing. I'm so happy she knows and loves Star Wars. :)

Marie said...

So precious! I love that little girl!

Denise said...

I loved this stage. Ali would be asked, "Who's your favorite princess?" and she'd be baffled. Princesses were surely beautiful, but kind, graceful, caring, intelligent, friendly, cheerful, etc. You'd love Princess Lillifee from across the Atlantic. Her daily chores include kissing awake flowers and practicing singing with the birds. She loves beautiful clothes, but is also very flexible with arranging outfits. ;)

Joy said...

Beautiful photos and princess!