Thursday, June 09, 2011

Incidents and Accidents

Three days ago, my Firstborn, my Baby! (who me? in denial?) noticed that he had a loose tooth.

A loose tooth!

For some reason that I'll never be able to explain, this sent me into a state of shock. Kindergarten in the Fall... this I am prepared for... but losing a tooth for some reason speaks of much more than just being away for half days. It means that he is really and truly turning into a Big Boy.

Okay, so I realize that he has always been BIG, but I'm not talking about his size, I mean that mentally, emotionally, spiritually, he is maturing. I so badly want to hang onto the sweet-spirited, compassionate, sensitive, affectionate preschooler that has been my constant companion for the last five and a half years. I'm a little scared that lost teeth and school and growing pains will take my Baby away and replace him with a Stranger.

This is totally unrealistic, I know. He's not going to change overnight, and the tendencies of his personality are innately Him, never to go away completely, but rather to be seasoned and refined. I'm just reeling a little, unprepared for the shock of something as silly as a loose tooth!

Anyway... as I was saying, he noticed the loose tooth three days ago, quite excitedly, I might add. We have been talking about how the baby tooth has to come out to make room for his adult tooth. We have been talking about the fact that the Tooth Fairy (whom he knows is really his Mama and/or Daddy) will be leaving a prize in exchange for the tooth. He has been excited for it to come out, and quite bravely allowing his Daddy to test its readiness to be pulled.

So this morning, I walked outside to get the Oregonian from the driveway (first delivery of a newspaper in umpteen years... I'm a little excited about this!), and came in the door to EXCITED INCOHERENT YELLING! I finally deciphered that his TOOTH FELL OUT IN HIS CEREAL!

We, of course, couldn't find it, and I didn't feel like straining soggy Cheerios, so he will be writing a note of apology and explanation to the Tooth Fairy later today. I told him that we would attach a photo of his smile with the missing tooth as proof that it really did come out, and that maybe He/She would be merciful and still give him a prize.

Who could resist, I ask you?

So that was the "Accident".

A totally unrelated, but fun "Incident"...

Early this morning, the Daddy was sitting at our computer when his peripheral vision caught activity outside our back doors. When he turned his head to see what the fuss was about, he saw a flock of approximately 30 Band Tailed Pigeons resting on and around our tiny little bird feeder.

He was only able to capture 3 photos before they flew away, but what fun it was to see this wild, migrating species (these aren't the European imports that you see in the city and parks, but rather a native species) right here in our backyard!

I *almost* wish I was awake to see them myself.


Heather said...

I have to admit that I was a little sad when I saw Jack's missing tooth picture on Facebook before I read this post. I am happy for him because I remember how exciting it was to lose a tooth, but a little sad because my first nephew is growing up way to quickly.

Catherine said...

What a great first lost tooth picture! I know how you feel - my oldest recently lost his last baby tooth....(tear)...

Hope the tooth fairy brings him something good for being so brave!

Alice said...

When my baby (now almost 16) lost her first tooth I burst into tears! I hope your baby gets a great prize from the tooth fairy; his little gap toothed smile is so endearing.

Mouse said...

working in the dentist for too many years I used to tease the little ones by saying who had they been kissing to get a wobbly tooth then I would ask what was the going rate for the tooth fairy these days (made many a tooth fairy bag ;) we used to get a sixpence and I was shocked to hear one little boy pipe up and say £5.oo !!! lovely photo of your little man :) love mouse xxxx

Marie said...

I love this picture of Jack. So cute! ...and I know how you feel about him growing up. It happens all too fast, and it makes me sad too. One of those bittersweet times in raising children. (Now you understand some of the looks you saw on my face as you were growing up)