Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Walking to get the Morning Paper

After nearly 12 years of not subscribing, I recently gave in to the temptation of a killer all-Summer-long intro price for the Oregonian.

I have many fond memories of riffling through the pages of a newspaper, finding interesting tidbits of news not found on television, clipping recipes and comics, doing crosswords, and reading about local events.

Living where we do, I can't just step outside in my bathrobe and pick the paper up off of my front steps (or wherever it landed when the bicycle-riding boy tossed it my way. Nope. We are well off of the beaten path, and getting the paper requires a bit of a walk down the driveway.

Which, I figure, is a fun thing to do with the kids on dry days.

And really fun on warm sunny mornings, with daisies to pick.

And lovely vistas along the way.

Speaking of warm sunny days, our first day of Summer was apparently also the last day of Summer, since we immediately returned to cool and wet, with no end in sight. The collective groaning from the throats of Oregonians should have been audible all across the US yesterday morning. Did you hear us?

I feel like pulling all of the curtains closed and sitting behind my sewing machine today. Sounds like as good a way as any to cope, don't you think?


Catherine said...

What a lovely walk!! You'll have to share pics of this walk in different weather and seasons!

Casa Pearl said...

We didnt hear your groaning because we were doing the same here in Maine. Great photos and I share your love of the paper - mine is the NY Times!

Mouse said...

awww love the views etc you've got to your drive .. wish mine was like that .. and its lovely the wee ones can safely scoot down and get the paper for you too :)and getting behind the sewing machine seems like a very good idea :) love mouse xxxx