Friday, June 03, 2011

Tea Hee

I received a photo in my inbox a week ago from Dora, who told a story this way:

"I arrived home from work and started eating a light lunch. Poured some delicious ice tea (Honest Tea-Black Forest Berry) into a glass. While reading blogs, I was going back and forth to the table to eat and drink.

Look what greeted me when I went to reach for the ice tea...............

It must be very happy because the sun is finally here today!!"

Although I didn't personally find it in my own home, it was too perfect to not include in my growing collection of smiles.

If you have missed out on this little quest of mine, click here to catch up.


The Sampler Girl said...

Oh WOW that is so cute!!


Mouse said...

heheh that's a good one :) love mouse xxxx